Conservative Conference Caption Competition

It’s that time of year when the bar at the Hurlingham Club is emptier than Dr Fox’s diary for December, and chinless wonders from all over this land descend upon a city to bray in unison. Yes folks,  its the Conservative Party conference and to mark this year’s gathering of gits, jamboree of jerks, congress of c…  nope,  let’s keep it clean Spencer,  to mark this auspicious event in the political calendar here’s the annual Conservative Conference Caption Competition.

Can you come up with a witty,  amusing caption for this photo?


Captions, in my comments slit,  if you please. 

Thanks for your time. 



  1. Tobias Cooper

    A prick with a brick?


    Boris finds part of London property market not yet sold to oligarch.


    The brick? Yours for £5000, £10 if we leave it in Islington.

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  2. “someone told me if you drill three holes in your head it lets out the demons”


  3. “The prefect used to wave the brick at his fags, and if they didn’t blow well enough, it got shoved up their jacksies.”


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