About Me

Younger Me

Some facts about me. This is, by no means, an exhaustive list, it’s just what I could come up with today. I’ll keep adding to these as I think of them.

1) I’m left handed but can do most things with my right hand. I’m not sure this makes me ambidexterous but it makes playing instruments interesting. Remember Jimi Hendrix was lefthanded and had to turn his guitar upside down to play it? Well, I play piano.

2) I used to blog at @adadcalledspen about being a stay at home dad, parenting, divorce, depression, caring for my mum as her health deteriorated and general random nonsense like why I sit down when I pee, embarassing moments on trains or Craig Davids. I also blogged about hard stuff like missing my children when I’m not with them, dealing with long term depression, and the effect mum’s alcoholism had on me as I grew up and I won an award for the blog and its contents. At the end of 2013 I decided I needed a change, like when one changes the water in a fishtank, or like when Take That went all prog. So I started this one. In the words of Buzz Aldrin, same shit, different location.

3) I despise liquorish. I hate it so much I can’t be bothered to even look up the correct spelling as I have a feeling the one in the previous sentence is wrong.

4) I read a little bit of the Profanisaurus Rex every day. I read a hardback copy of this book by Viz, like some read the Bible. I’m like a dirty Baptist. Or something.

5) In my humble opinion Biology by Girls Aloud isn’t just a brilliant pop song, it’s one of the most brilliant pop songs ever recorded. It’s clever, unlike any pop song out there, and its got a mental bassline.

That’s all for now, but I’ll add some more when I think of them.

If you want to get in touch then please email me at adadcalledspen@gmail.com. I’m always happy to write random nonsense for someone else.

Thanks for reading.




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